Energy Saving

Saving energy with ABB variable speed drives

A Variable Speed Drive, VSD, is a compact box of electronics which is connected between the mains supply and a standard electric motor. ABB are the world leaders in this Technology.

Easy to install and commission, this VSD then efficiently controls the motor as the process demands. It can be configured to control many variants including the speed, torque, pressure, temperature or flow.

With reducing costs of technology VSD’s can pay for themselves as quickly as 6 months on the right application.

Pumps? Fans? Compressors? Plastic Injection Moulding? Throttling? Dampers? Pressure relief valves? Recirc Systems? HVAC Systems?

Traditionally, throttling is used to regulate flows of air or fluid. While throttling reduces the flow, the motor is still running at full speed and works even harder as it has to work against a restriction. By reducing the speed of the motor, the variable speed drive ensures no more energy than necessary is used to achieve the required flow

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