Control Panels For VFD's

Control Panels For VFD's

Why we use VFD Panels?

1. Power switching and protection: VFD panels are designed with a circuit breaker usually, which are connected to the input line power supply to switch the panel on/off, and provide protection when short circuit or overload occurs in the circuits and variable speed drives. In addition, VFD panels can disconnect power to ensure operator’s safety during motor maintenance.

2. Adjustable speed: A frequency control potentiometer is installed on the VFD panel’s door, to transmit command signals to the motor according to operator assigned. VFD panel has mains switching function to ensure the system continues operation in case of the variable frequency drive failed.

3. Visual control: VFD panel has display and operation panel on the front body, which is connected to the electrical components inside the control cabinet. It can display the panel’s operational status visually, and convenient for operator control the motor in actual field operations.
Manufacturers also equip with a variety of instruments and indicators inside the variable frequency drive panels, such as voltmeter, ammeter, frequency meter, and power indicator light, alarm lights, running lights, power frequency lights etc, which will monitor the VFD control panels working status in real time.

4. Security protection: Include variable frequency drive, all other electrical components are integrated inside the VFD panel, thus reducing the impact of external environment to the electrical components, and ensure the operator safety level like reducing shock hazard rate, so it has a better safety protection function.

Typical applications: water supply, air compressors, central air conditioning, port machinery, machine tools, boilers, paper machinery, food machinery and so on.

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