Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

Variable frequency drive also called frequency inverter, AC drive etc. It is an electric device to change utility power source to variable frequency to control AC motor in variable speed operation.

Variable Speed drives offer the user a number of advantages including:

Energy savings
Elimination of expensive mechanical drive components
Increased motor longevity
Reduced power line disturbances
Reduced risk of motor damage during start up and stop

The energy savings alone can often justify the cost of purchase and installation of a VSD. Unfortunately, most of these advantages may be compromised by poor installation, operation and maintenance practice. To apply a VSD correctly a basic understanding of the following is required:

Safe working practices.
Understand the place for a VSD in the overall system.
How to identify the best VSD for the job.
Correct installation and set-up.
The VSD user interface.
Fault and warning action and processing.
Preventative maintenance.

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