Projects Undertaken

PROJECT : Chiller Testing And Monitoring System

The machine testing and monitoring for controlling temperature was accomplished by using chiller parameters through manual feeding and further the report was generated manually which turned out to be a very time consuming job .
We made an automated system for generating reports and maintaining the temperature with help of SCADA to generate real time reports .The manual work load decreased and the report generation got more accurate also.

PROJECT : AHU Controll system

AHU : Manual to Automated

The current Air Handling Unit Controll system was manual and so via intuitive HVAC controls we increased the performance and efficiency of your system and optimised to minimise energy use and maximise output without compromising the environment.
We made a data exchange automated environment by DCS where data safety is also been considered .The temperature is controlled Precisely and accurately which proper measured value so that the set temperature donot change and remains consistent.