Welcome To Digital Marketing Systems

Digital Marketing Systems is a dedicated company that takes ideas and blend it with the business requirements to create better quality products. Having proved the existence from over 25 years and serving till now we have been standing in the long race with surpassing all the challenges of the market world.
We are comitted to enhance user experience for every client and makes the entire journey from technology through customer loyalty: A rewarding experience.

We have made a sincere,gratitude and humble effort to capture the essence of this primal force. For us, this flavour of translation of life giving and life sustaining in this sector.
Established in 1992 an Indore based organization, we have managed to deal with all customers across the globe by successful maneuvering the changing natures. Our vision is to satisfy all the needs and demands of the clients in every manner.

We deal completely in instrumentation and automation, all our instrumentation use state of art Micro controller technology and the design have been perfected to provide optimum accuracy in active and passive components. All our products undergo a series of quality checks ensuring trouble free working .We thus offer a warranty of 18 months for all our instruments and thus, also provide solutions for process automation.

Why dealing with DMS make you beneficial ?

  • We believe in result oriented approach.
  • we are flexible in fulfilling all needs with clients.
  • we produce a better product services,warranty and user acquisition.
  • We understand your business better.

Milestones achieved

  • Execution of complex Projects for weighing and Batching Applications, Auto Dosing and Packing Systems, Cascade Controls, Controls for Exothermic Process. Continuous Bleaching Plant Control Synchronization, Winding Machines, Boiler Control Systems, pumps and Fan Control, Compressor Control, Plastic Extruder Machine Control, Crane Controls, Machine Controls and Other Process.
  • Supply of Complete Control and Interlock System for Solvent Extraction Plant (Preparatory/Extraction and Refinery) and Other Food Processing Units.
  • Executed an Automation Project on a turnKey Basis from Conceptualization to Commissioning or in an Advisory capacity or as an instrument supplier.
  • Panel Assembly facility for completing the System Integration Wherever Needed.

Feature Products