266HSH Gauge Pressure Transmitter

   ABB 266HSH Gauge Pressure Transmitter

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266NSH Absolute Pressure Transmitter

ABB 266NSH Absolute Pressure Transmitter 

Base Accuracy +/- 0.06% of Calibrated Span
Range 0 to 160mbar to 1050 Bar
Wetted part AISI 316Lss, Mon el 400, Hastelloy C, Tantalum, Gold Plated
Fill Fluid Silicon Oil, Inert ( Galden, Halocarbon)
Construction Direct Mounting
Turn Down Ratio 100:1
Zero Adjustment Zero Suppression and Elevation
10 Year Stability 0.15% of URL
Configuration Facility Flexible via Local LCD Keyboard
Damping time constant Selectable 0 to 60 Sec
Insulation Resistance > 100 ohms at 500 V DC
Ambient Temperature - 40 to 85 degree Centigrade
Vibration Resistance Acceleration upto 2g ( upto 1000 Hz)
Shock Resistance Acceleration 50 g ( 11ms)
Electromagnetic Compatibility Comply with EN6326-1
Harzedeous Area Certification Available

HART with 4 -20 mA
FOUNDATION field bus

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