Laboratory automation systems to automating laboratory processes

Laboratory automation

Laboratory automation system, Labs today confront expanding pressure to automate their tasks as they are tested by a proceeding with increment in workload, need to decrease expenditure, and challenges in enrolment of experienced technical staff. Digital Controls maintains a broad portfolio of leading automation systems which is leveraged to improve workflow efficiency while delivering accurate and reliable assay results. Our offerings include contemporary and modular microbiology automation solutions, ranging from small benchtop units to fully automated track-based automation. Digital Control also delivers customizable and forward compatible solutions, that tailor the system according to need-taking. The clients can be rest assured that with the insights gained from our experience, the demands can be met with less risk and continuity of services can be ensured to the patients and physicians. The digital controls process automation system can automate various lab processes ranging from sample partitioning and analysis, increasing the security and safety of lab world.

The designed and built-in automation system, that enables integration between different laboratory instruments to perform highly complex experiments and interact with numerous sources of data. The design and installation services ensure that all business aspects are met. 

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