Preventive Maintenance for Motor Survival

Preventive upkeep is the best approach in regards to guaranteeing higher uptimes, higher profitability and expanding engine productivity. Unscheduled downtime in plant operations can prompt loss of business and lower customers confidence, therefore it’s imperative to setup preventive schemes that eliminate such issues and increase engines life.

In order to develop a preventive support program, a standard protocol must be followed. The program must be custom-fitted to clients needs.

When formulating a plan, all the factors specific to motor should be considered. For example, the sensors should screen the motor components for any unusual sound or high temperature. The information received from such sensors would provide you with complete knowledge of the support program and its recurrence.

Motor Maintenance


 This ought to be a fundamental thing in your support program. Lubrication process should be carried out according to instructions from the manufacturers. Oil stores should be kept under supervision at all times. In poorer conditions, oil should be changed on monthly basis, but should avoid over-lubrication as it could deteriorate the windings and insulation.


The motors whose duty cycle is altered requires frequent checks on damaged bearings. The infrared scanners, vibration analysers and stethoscope are used for this purpose. n poorer conditions, oil should be changed every month, but over lubrication should be avoided as it can detoriate the winding and insulation.

Belt Tension

Sheaves with little or no play must be fastened solidly and it should be noted that the belts have about 1 inch of play. Any kind of excessive noise should also be checked and if an alignment is found, motor-gen sets and load couplings should be checked.

Brushes and Commutators

All brushes should fit appropriately inside the brush holders and should provide best possible hardness and conductivity. The spring weight of brush holders ought to be 2 – 2.5 lb/sq inch of the brush's cross-sectional region. In case of extreme brush chatter, technical support from the manufacturers should be arranged.


Dirt and contaminations is easy to build up in messy working conditions. The easiest method to get rid of this issue is frequent usage of dry compacted air. Excessive ambient temperature can abbreviate motor life. An ideal approach is to keep a check on this by dismantling cleaning, testing and reconditioning them during off-peak months.

Record Maintenance

Keeping precise records of inventory is imperative to ensure proper utilization of resources. The inspections should be documented in an analytical manner to ensure resources are properly utilized.

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