Reconfigure safety control functions of PLC automation system by using standard HMI

Digital Controls safety PLC and standard HMI such as control panels and mobile devices are used to alter functional in industrial applications. The users can achieve high functional safety standard by using standard HMIs

Safety Measurements in PLC automation applications

Digital Controls has built up a strategy for using human machine interface (HMI) items, for example, control panels, mechanical PCs and cell phones to reconfigure security control functions.

Using AC500-S Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), operators of equipment’s like-harbor and factory cranes, hoist, lifts, airport terminal bridges, mining and pulp/paper machinery can choose, modify and amend to the safety control functions.

This enables them to accomplish high functional safety standard requirement while profiting from the convenience and low expenses of using standard HMIs.

Operators of these industrial applications need to reconfigure their security control capacities to adjust to changed application conditions and upgrade machine profitability. These reconfiguration, known as security activities, are frequently performed using mechanical or electro-mechanical mode selector switch connected to digital safety input and security PLC.

Odoo CMS- Sample image floating

Cost-Saving and High Adaptability

Advantages of using standard HMI incorporates cost saving funds on safety I/O channels and mode selector switches. The ability to choose from an extensive variety of HMI items offers the client autonomy from any one seller, a wide range of input alternatives and noteworthy flexibility to adapt the connections and design of the HMIs.

Local and remote crisis stop control

The strategy allows interfacing with high and low-level security frameworks remotely. One example is in choosing crane, enabling it to be controlled remotely using the emergency stop on operator desk. The user in the control room can select, using standard HMI equipment, which of the cranes will stop if the emergency stop button is activated on the remote operator control station. Pressing the remote emergency stop button on the operator’s desk will therefore stop the selected crane only.

The crane consists of local emergency stop controls apart from the remote emergency stop function. 

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