Top Industrial automation Companies in India

The development of global automation market is driven by numerous variables, of which reducing the cost is one of the significant drivers. Industrial automation enables the companies in reducing their cost due to product failure and wastage.

An expansion in the outsourcing of manufacturing products to minimal effort nations, particularly in the APAC district is another driver. There are numerous global firms that are outsourcing product developments in the manufacturing products in order to lessen the manufacturing cost.

We have identified top companies in the Industrial Automation Market helping to boost market growth during the forecast period.

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ABB India offers 10 cutting edge manufacturing plants in the nation that fosters internal growth to India and global industry as whole. The objective of their automation innovation is to build items and answers for the instrumentation, mechanization, and streamlining of an assortment of modern procedures in relatively every industry around the world.

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India is a unique industrial automation company combining top-notch factory automation products with industrial engineering services and unmatched automation expertise. The fuji electric supports electricity infrastructure with proven technologies and combines power electronic products with measuring IOT. They significantly contribute to the creation of responsible and sustainable environment through energy management solutions.


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Honeywell is a proven name in automation and control since 1906. The company has a unified process engineering approach without comprising on international standards and associated values. The company’s network/branches are spread across the entire globe.

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Digital Controls is a leading provider of automation system and service. It offers a wide range of automation services including engineering design, fabrication, testing, installation, commissioning, start-ups and maintenance of a wide array of process control, control panels, ABB instrumentations, system integrators etc.

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