Code of Conduct 

Director's Message 

Digital Marketing Systems Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company in the domain of instrumentation and automation for the past 25 years. We are associated with some of the strongest brands like ABB, Fluke, Honeywell, Gems Sensors, Setra, Fuji, Amprobe etc.

Over the past several years we have developed expertise in several processes and have the team and infrastructure to implement any small and mid-sized automation solution from conceptualization to commissioning including identifying the point of the registry, selection of instruments, Control Systems etc. We have a team of highly motivated, dedicated and well-trained engineers.

The code of conduct is a pre-requisite that ensures all employees are conducting themselves according to the rules and norms of the company. All DMSL employees are bound to live up to the letter and the spirit of the code. The code of conduct is not only an acknowledgement of rules and norms prevalent in the company, but also reflection of employee’s personal commitment to the organization.

DMSL strives to maintain a culture of mutual respect and encourages exchange of ideas and insights at all levels of the organization. It important that our employees participate actively in fostering company’s growth and plays an imperative role in achieves our objectives.

I expect that you will take the time to read through the Code of Conduct and do your part to exemplify our high standard of integrity at DMSL.

--Prafulla Jain

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Our Values

Our values enable us to run the company on daily basis. They are the essence of our working environment and the employees should adhere to them strongly.

At each level and dimension of DMSL Professional, expectations on ethical behaviour are defined.


The most innovative solutions come from working together with client and colleagues. Effective collaboration enables innovation

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Compliance Obligation

The employees hold complete responsibility for complying with the requirements of work activities. We assure that our business judgements are free from bias, conflict of interest or undue influence of others. We define our reputation by integrity, trust and achieving high quality sustainable value. Conflicts can occur in following cases:

Simultaneous Employment It is always a conflict of interest for a company employee to work simultaneously for a competitor or customer. Except with the prior approval of director, Company employees are prohibited from working with our competitors and customers as a consultant.

Fair Competition The best policy is to compete fairly and avoid any direct or indirect business connection with our competitors. We respect our competitor’s confidential information and foster healthy competition by respecting confidentiality of information.

Conflict of Interest

In situations where DMSL is asked to complete project of a client that is against the interest of another client, the employees need to consider methods to manage potential conflict or any perceived client sensitiveness. We demonstrate our integrity by negotiating and securing contracts honourably and lawfully with our clients and other parties.

It can also arise where personal interests or family and other allegiances are at odds with the interests of the company. We can avoid conflicts of interests if we are aware of the challenge and take the necessary action. In general, we should avoid situations in which personal interests, outside activities, financial interests, or relationship appear to conflict with the interests of DMSL and not allow business dealings on behalf of the company to be influenced by personal considerations or relationships.

The most frequent conflicts of interest arise where an employee is in a position to award business contracts, hire staff, has access to information that may be of interest to the competitor. Employees who think they may be in a “conflict” must inform their line manager or human resources representative so that the company can determine whether a conflict exists. They will be advised of the proper actions to take, in line with the rules issued by DMSL Group.

Information management and security

DMSL follows a proper information system that enables all employers to work efficiently and professionally. We protect the confidentiality of our information and maintain trust with our clients. The trust contributes to collaboration and innovation, as ideas and innovation are freely shared. All employees must be careful not to release information that is commercially sensitive for DMSL. We gather, use and store our client’s confidential information only if we have a legitimate reason behind it. Our duty of confidentiality does not end when we leave DMSL, we continue to respect the confidentiality of our information even after our departure.

Information produced and stored on DMSLs information systems facilities is regarded as DMSL’s property and DMSL reserves the right to access all such information. We protect the physical and electronic information from any malicious threat or accidental loss. We respect the integrity of our workpapers and do not make any inappropriate changes to them once they are complete. 

We also have a duty to look after and respect all of DMSL assets-namely our place of work, computer and telephone, finances or easily accessible supplies that our according to working time. We should protect DMSL assets from misuse and ensure other companies cannot gain unfair advantage by accessing important information about our company business assets that are intended to be used for business purposes. Limited personal use is only permissible if it is not in conflict with the interests of DMSL. Our financial records are the basis for managing the Company’s business and fulfilling its obligations to various stakeholders. Therefore, any financial record must be accurate and in line with DMSL’s accounting standards.

An Equal Opportunity Workplace

-Free of Discrimination or Harassment

At DMSL, we strive to provide a workplace which is free of any discrimination or harassment of any kind and will take appropriate and immediate action in response to complaints or knowledge of violations of this policy.

The following examples of harassment are intended to be guidelines and are not exclusive when determining whether there has been a violation of this policy:

Verbal harassment includes comments that are offensive or unwelcome regarding a person’s religion, origin, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, body, disability or appearance, including epithets, slurs and negative stereotyping.

Nonverbal harassment includes distribution, display or discussion of any written or graphic material that ridicules, denigrates, insults, belittles or shows hostility.

We are also committed in following fair employment practices and provide equal opportunities to all employees. In order to put these values into practice, we ensure that all decisions regarding, hiring, leave, promotion or absence is based solely on business factors.

Preventing Corruption 

Corruption is strictly prohibited in the company as it puts a company’s reputation in jeopardy. Companies that pay bribe to win business ultimately undermine their personal long-term interest.

All the employees are forbidden from offering any form of gift, entertainment or anything of value to other employees and clients. Likewise, the employees should not accept any payment of money, gift or anything valuable that is intended to influence professional decisions. However, in cases of a social obligation a gift of nominal value is permissible.

Corporate Opportunities

We are committed to advance DMSL business. The employees shall not compete with the company or take personal advantage of business opportunities that they discover during the course of their employment. If they are willing to pursue business opportunities that are of interest to the company, they should inform their line manager who will seek a management decision as to whether or not the company wants to pursue the opportunity.