Digital Controls declare strategic partnership with Fuji Electric Ltd

Feb 2018, DigitalControls is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with Fuji Electric ltd. to provide an advanced integration solution to our customers. Fuji Electric Ltd. has progressed to acquire an enviable presence of reputed automation manufacturers in the country and endeavours to supply top-notch line of products. The cooperation and mutual strengths will reinforce technological advantage and automation production to improve efficiency and promote industrial manufacturing upgrade. DigitalControls technology collaboration with Fuji Electric is intended to provide clients with supreme quality instruments.

The partnership can help the company deliver the level of service it requires. The instruments include the entire technology stack therefore its imperative to entrust on premium quality instruments.

Fuji Electrics instruments are designed for effective and efficient measurements. Their sophisticated features are available in medium and low frequency ranges.


DigitalControls is a leading provider of automation and instrumentation solutions for advanced manufacturing in various industries. The company’s context-sensitive and industrial technology enables quick deployment and greater efficiency. Our modern automated assembly and manufacturing facilities provide minimises the costly downtime and maximises production. We strive to continuously improve our performance and capability in order to maintain a competitive edge.


Fuji Electric LTD. are internationally recognized automation and instrumentation solution providers. The company enables its customers to streamline their business process, improve product quality and implement labour efficient systems. Fuji Electric serves diversity of market both domestically and globally including various industrial sectors. The company delivers enhanced regulatory compliance and real-time process monitoring in the manufacturing industry.