266 DRH Remote Seal Differential

ABB 266DDH Direct Mount Seal Differential 

266 HRH Remote Seal Gauge    
ABB 266HDH Direct Mount Seal Gauge 
266 NRH Remote Seal Absolute

ABB 266NDH Direct Mount Seal Absolute

Base Accuracy +/- 0.06% of Calibrated Span
Range 0 to 40 mbar to 1050 Bar
Wetted part AISI 316Lss, Mon el 400, Hastelloy C, Tantalum, Gold Plated
Fill Fluid Silicon Oil, Inert ( Galden, Halocarbon)
Construction Direct mount Remote seal without capillary
Turn Down Ratio 60:1
Zero Adjustment Zero Suppression and Elevation
10 Year Stability 0.15% of URL
Configuration Facility Flexible via Local LCD Keyboard
Damping time constant Selectable 0 to 60 Sec
Insulation Resistance > 100 ohms at 500 V DC
Ambient Temperature - 40 to 85 degree Centigrade
Vibration Resistance Acceleration upto 2g ( upto 1000 Hz)
Shock Resistance Acceleration 50 g ( 11ms)
Electromagnetic Compatibility Comply with EN6326-1
Harzedeous Area Certification Available

HART with 4 -20 mA
FOUNDATION field bus

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