Fuji Water Level Transmitter

Fuji FKE-5 Level Transmitter

  • Transmitter accurately measures liquid level and transmits a proportional 4 to 20mA signal

  • 0.2% accuracy for all calibrated spans

  • Fuji/HART bilingual communications protocol

  • 5-digit LCD meter with engineering unit

  • Output signal can be freely programmable

  • Dry calibration without reference pressure

  • IEC IP67 and NEMA 6 / 6P

User Manual


The FKE level transmitter precisely measures liquid level and transmits a relative 4 to 20mA signal. The transmitter uses a novel micro machined capacitance silicon sensor with best in class chip technology to give remarkable performance and efficiency. These transmitters feature high interface capability and all wielded construction. They come with a versatile indicator and 5-digit display.

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