Fuji Water Level Transmitter

Fuji FQK Water Level Transmitter

  • Accuracy as high as ±0.2 %

  • Measuring range:0 to 1.5 ... 13 m , 0 to 10 ... 50 m

  • Output: 4 to 20 mA DC

  • Pressure receiving diaphragm; SUS 316L

  • Enclosure : Detector IP68

Water Level Transmitter Manual 


The FQK water level transmitter are mostly used to detect the level of sewage water, clean water, well, river etc. It measures the levels in form of water head pressure, converts them into current signal and transmits it into receiving instrument. It is a microprocessor controlled digital level meter that offers lightning protection capabilities with built-in lightning arrester. The transmitter is also remotely adjustable with a hand-held communicator.

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