Motor Control Panel 

DigitalControls provide an in house facility for the design, manufacture and installation of motor control panel. Our dexterous team of engineers design and build motor control for clients whose needs are not met by an off-the shelf motor control panel, and require a little more expertise to deliver something that fulfills their specific prerequisites; from basic push-button manufacturer to more refined and automated frameworks. We offer a consultancy way for taking care of customer issues with best-in class solutions..

DigitalControls provides its customers with the components that help to meet all the needs of our customers. The broad choices and selection of components and full technical support enables us to deliver quickly and efficiently. We use variable frequency drive items for some, applications including our pump control boards and fan control boards for array of applications.

The purpose built manufacturing facility has fast turnaround capability that helps in responding quickly to our clients requirements. The team of manufacturers select the highest quality products and use them to engineer best solution for your application.

The electric motor control panels are designed specifically devices that enable an operator to control specified requirements. We offer a range of control panel to suits your application needs such as:

Protection and auxiliary service,

The positioning control of its automated handling systems, control panel for lightning, boiling, dust collecting, venting and irrigation system. Instrumentation Communication/ remote sensing PLC and industrial controller that is offered with logic controller Power-starter, soft starter, high, low and medium voltage with VFDs.