Fuji PXF9 Temperature controller

Fuji PXF9 Temperature Controller

  • 96 x 96 mm front panel with a large, white LCD

  • fast sampling speed (50 ms)

  • Freely configurable control cycle (100 ms to 99 s)

  • Control method selectable among 7 types

  • Control output is selectable among 4 types (Relay contact, SSR drive, current linear, voltage linear)

  • Up to 3 digital inputs and 5 digital outputs

  • Large PV display (with character height of 26 mm which is the highest in the market)

  • 64 steps ramp/soak function

  • 8 PID setting pallets, 8 SV pallets, zone PID facilitate frequent change of control conditions

Fuji pxf9 Controller User Manual

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