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Solar Inverters and Remote-Control Monitoring System


As global electricity challenges are ever increasing, people are demanding more eco-friendly solutions. Solar energy promises to be a key contributor in overcoming this challenge – especially as electricity is expensive and solar systems are proving to be economically viable. A solar pump can supply water to locations which are beyond the pipeline. Solar pumps provide a primitive advantage over traditional pump systems since it has socio-economic benefits and climate related benefits.

Product Description 

DigitalControls deploys ABB’s world class technology to offer an array of solar inverter solutions. Our ABB’s solar inverters is designed with built-in MPPT (maximum power point tracking) controller that enables easy regulation of output frequency and ensures smooth operation. The inverters offer various distinguished features such as digital intelligent control and flexible speed range. They provide lightning protection and eliminates the probability of over-current, over voltage and over heat. Our ABB inverters offers several features such as:

Energy-Saving Solution

The ABB’s solar inverters has a built-in and high-performance variable speed drive that stores unused energy. The energy utilization helps to reducing carbon footprints considerably.

IP66 for harsh environment

Its robust features make it an excellent solution for Indian environment. It provides absolute protection from dust and high-pressure water jet.

Solar and Pump Specific Functions

It consists of an inbuilt flow measurement and flow detection function that automatically turns off in case of dry run.

Transformer less Inverters

ABB uses transformer less inverters that are used to reduce overheating problems and increase the energy output.

The Complete Solutions

In addition to solar inverters, Digital Controls also offers an IOT based- remote control system that eliminates manual checks on tank source. Our android-based application is designed with flow measurement and flow detection function that automatically shuts in case of dry run. It does not need any manual interference to start or end the operation. The status will be displayed on the touchscreen with on/off feature. It also has an automatic off feature in case of abnormal usage. Our system ensures encryption and security of data. Digital Controls IOT enabled software is completely integrated with hardware and delivers highly productive results. Our automated switch control consists of several distinguished features such as:

Multi-channel system used for various locations with multiple tanks/pumps

  • Easily connect a dry contact at your storage tank to the transmitter

  • Available at Short, Medium and Long ranges.

  • High Performance Guarantee

  • System range can be extended via Ultra Long-Range Antenna

We eliminate your need to trench large amount of wire with our wireless control system that enables to connect float switch with pump starter. We offer our solutions to various commercial and industrial sites at an economical range.