Sensyflow is a compact, highly dynamic measuring system for mass flow or standard volume flow measurement specifically designed for the measurement of air and gases. The flowmeter sensor uses the hot film anemometer working principle. This method allows for direct measurement of the gas mass flow. As a result, the normally necessary pressure and temperature compensation and, thus, additional measuring points and the compensation computer can be omitted. The Sensyflow plus the corresponding pipe components are installed in a defined way and locked in place as a component of the measuring pipe. Pipe components made of galvanized steel are available with external thread fittings in imperial sizes. Pipe components with flange connections as well as the weld-on adapter

for meters sizes DN 100 ... DN 250 (4 ... 10") are manufactured from CrNi steel.

Thermal flow metering procedures use different ways to evaluate the flow dependent cooling of a heated resistor as measuring signal. In a hot film anemometer with temperature difference control, the heated platinum resistor is maintained at a constant over-temperature in relation to an unheated platinum sensor inside the gas flow. The heating power required for maintaining the over-temperature depends directly on the flow rate and the material properties of the gas. With a known (and constant) gas composition the mass-flow can be determined by electronically evaluating the heater current/mass-flow curve without additional pressure and temperature compensation. Together with the standard density of the gas this results directly in the standard volume flow. Considering the high measuring range dynamics up to 1:100, an accuracy smaller than 1 % of the measuring.

The application areas include the mass measurement for Compressed Air, Bio Gas, Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide, oxygen, Hydrogen, Engine Exhaust, other gas and gase mixture with known composition. Various Model to suit specific requirement are offered including MT 400, PMT 500, FMT 200D, FMT 200 Eco ( Bio Gas, Compressed Air) and the evaluation unit FMT 700

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