TTF300 Temperature Transmitter                            Download PDF for more details:

TTF300 Field-Mount Temperature Transmitter

Mounting Field Mounted
Output HART with 4-20 mA
FOUNDATION field bus
Input Resistance, Voltage, Thermocouple
No. Of Sensor 1 or 2
Electrical Isolation 23.5 KV DC for 60 S input and output
Functional Safety SIL 2/SIL 3
MTBF 28 years 60 degree ambient
Rise Time 400-1000 ms t90
Output Filter Digital 1st order 0 – 100 S
Ambient - 40 to 85 Degree Centigrade
Vibration Resistance 10 -2000 Hz at 5g
Shock Resistance Gn=30
Electro Magnetic Compatibility In accordance with IEC EN61326 and Namur NE21
Interference Immunity In accordance with IEC EN61326 and Namur NE21
Display Optional
Continuous Sensor Monitoring Supply Voltage Monitoring
Wire Break and Corrosion Monitoring
Sensor Drift Monitoring
Input Functionality Mean Measurement
Differential Measurement
Sensor Redundancy
Sensor Error Adjustment

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