Vortex Flow meter FV4000

Vortex Flow Meter FV4000 / Swirl Flow Meter FSM4000

The operating principle of the Vortex flowmeter is based on the Karman street. As the fluid flows over and under the solid body, vortices are shed alternately above and below. The shedding of these

vortices due to the flow forms a vortex trail (Karman street).

In Swirl Flow meter the inlet pipe converts the axial flow of the incoming measuring medium into rotational movement. In the center of this rotation a vortex core is formed which is forced into a secondary spiral-shaped rotation by the backflow. The frequency of this secondary rotation is proportional to the flow and, if the internal geometry of the meter measuring device exhibits an optimum design, will be linear over a wide measuring range. This frequency is measured by a Piezo sensor. The frequency signal from the flowmeter sensor, which is proportional to the flow, undergoes downstream processing in the transmitter.

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