Case Studies

           Water Level Controller for Tank Applications 

Introduction : The problem of water scarcity is reaching alarming proportions and it might very soon attain the nature of global crisis. Therefore, it is imperative to preserve water resources and prevent adverse scarcity. In many industrial and commercial environments, the water tanks are usually fed with an electric pump that is switched off when the tank is empty. The most common method is to observe when the tank overflows the brim. However, the probability of overflowing is higher if the tank is manually observed. Therefore, in order to prevent heavy material losses, a water level controller is essential to control water levels in a tank.

System Description & Solutions

The microcontroller-based water level sensing and controlling helps to reduce power consumption and water overflow in commercial and industrial environment. The intelligent controller will automatically start the pump as soon as the water level falls below the pre-determined level and SWITCH OFF the pump when the water level reaches minimum level.

Digital Control’s MPM4700 is the most reliable and precise controller designed to provide simple level control systems.

Its stainless-steel design and fully sealed intelligent level transmitter gives robust control and high durability. It features a range of compact and elegant designs that consist of single and multi-function monitoring relays. The products device operates on a low AC voltage sensing circuit to avoid polarization of water.

It is built with a water proof cable that is best suited for submersible level measurement. The product offers auto/manual selection switches and built-in digital indicator. Its universal output signal makes the operation easy and convenient. Our product features stable pressure sensor, smart processing circuit and linearity correction techniques in production.

The fully automatic electronic device is an easily maintainable device that can be used for overflow, dry running protection of pumps and draining application as well as max. and min. alarms

Its robustness and flexibility ease operations in small areas, large tanks and rough corrosive conditions. It is also available with wide range of accessories.