Water & Wastewater Electromagnetic Flow meter

The electromagnetic flow meter is particularly designed to be used in array of industries encountered in Water and Waste-water industry. The specific outline offesr high adaptability, cost saving operation and unwavering quality while delivering a long service life and low upkeeps. Its integration with other resources frameworks, utilization of the self-monitoring and diagnostic features increases the plant accessibility and decreases downtimes.

 The remarkable highlights of electromagnetic flow meters are as per the following:

VeriMaster – the confirmation instrument

A simple to-use utility that is accessible through the red service port. It uses the propelled self-adjustment and indicative capacity of WaterMaster, combined with fingerprinting innovation, to decide the precision status of the WaterMaster flowmeter to inside ±1 % of its unique processing plant alignment. VeriMaster additionally supports printing of records of verification for regulation compliance.

Simple and quick commissioning

'Fit-and-Flow' information storing inside WaterMaster dispenses with the need to coordinate sensor and transmitter in the field. On initial installation, the self-design sequence naturally repeats into the transmitter all adjustment factors, meter size and serial numbers, and client site-particular settings, preventing any potential for blunder.

Intuitive and helpful navigation

The 'Simple Setup' guides the clients through the step to step process of the menu served . The smart key function easily takes care of a breeze – it's much the same as utilizing a phone. Amid arrangement, the passable scope of every parameter is shown on the show and invalid sections are rejected.

Widespread transmitter – effective and adaptable

Odoo CMS- Sample image floating

The backlit instruments can be turned off effortlessly without the requirement for instruments. The contrast is highly adjustable and completely configurable. The character estimate, number of lines and display resolution (number of decimal focuses) can be set as required. In multiplex mode, a few distinctive show choices can be pre-arranged and summoned consistently. The outline of the transmitter unit empowers simple dismantling without the need to unscrew links or unplug connectors. HART is utilized as the standard correspondences convention. Alternatively, the transmitter is accessible with PROFIBUS DP or MODBUS correspondence.

Submersible and durable

WaterMaster sensors have a tough, vigorous development to guarantee a long, support free life under the difficult conditions experienced in the Water and Waste Industry. The sensors are, as standard, characteristically submersible (IP68, NEMA 6P), along these lines guaranteeing reasonableness for establishment in chambers and metering pits that are powerless to flooding. The flowmeters are composed with the best in class innovation and its progressive information that empowers transmitter exchange and appointing without the requirement for re-arrangement. It likewise comprise of a self-aligning transmitter with ultra-low temperature coefficient for conveying most noteworthy precision. It is additionally adaptable and can be designed essentially. The Through-the-Glass' (TTG) setup disposes of any need to evacuate the cover. The product offers a 'Simple Setup' work and empowers the clients to effortlessly perform in situ confirmation of the flowmeter framework. The flow meter conveys an unparalleled administration capacity that limits downtime with replaceable gadgets cartridges — MID and OIML R49 affirmed with R49 self.

The Water Master is outlined and fabricated as per worldwide quality methodology (ISO 9001) and all flow meters are adjusted on broadly traceable alignment apparatuses to deliver the end client finish with both quality and performance of the flowmeter.

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